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Linking farmers to the market!

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Croplink(Pvt)Ltd is an Agricultural Commodity Brokering firm which was established in 1993 in response to Zimbabwe's move to liberalize the marketing of agricultural products.

The company, originally a subsidiary of the Cattle Co-op (CC Sales) was founded by Ivor Prior and under his influence became a founding member of the Zimbabwe Agricultural Commodity Exchange (ZIMACE) and of the South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX). Croplink was the market leader in the broking of grains and oilseeds, maintaining over 60% of the market share of products traded over ZIMACE. Post ZIMACE, Croplink has maintained the majority share in the local market and recently Croplink has ventured into various contract and corporate programs on behalf of various large corporations.

Croplink is currently trading and contract growing mainly maize, wheat and soyabeans. Croplink also deals ingroundnuts, sugarbeans, sunflower, sorghum as well as a wide variety of stock feed raw materials - such as maize bran, wheat bran, cotton cake, sunflower cake and soya meal.

We have recently expanded the company - introducing an agronomy section to support continuous farming efforts.

Croplink is widely known in Zimbabwe and within the region - originally because of its participation in ZIMACE & SAFEX. Croplink was founded on the basis of providing "new" transparency into the market. This emphasis on transparency has remained the company's policy throughout.

Brokering on a commission basis as opposed to 'buying and selling' has always been Croplink's preferred business strategy. We have always provided regular local, regional and international market reports for the information of farmers and all players in the industry. Because of the way Croplink has approached the agricultural industry, farmers have greatly appreciated the existence of Croplink throughout the years, proven by our continued volume of trade.

The Stock Feed industry in particular would agree that the maintenance of regular supply through this brokering firm has assisted them enormously.

Croplink is a well established company with a good reputation in the market, and strong relationships with large corporates. Croplink also maintains an excellent transparent relationship with the Grain Marketing Board and Ministry of Agriculture. All local and cross border programmes are operated in compliance with these organizations.

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